Graphic Design By Finn Skovgaard
Educated from the Royal Danish Academy of fine Arts, School of Design in 1986. Now working for advertising agency´s, computer game and filmproduction compagnies, prowiding a wide range of service such as: Illustation, Game design, Graphic design, Production design, Logo design, Art direction, Story-board, Title sequence and GUI design.
Finn Skovgaard - Art direction - Graphic design - Illustration
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Huxville Poster
Computergame Promotion Poster
Mixed media: Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
Client: Art of Crime ApS.
Game Items
Computergame Functional Items
Mixed media: Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
Client: Art of Crime ApS.
Epic Storytelling
Episode introfilm / Enviroment Exterior Interior
Media: Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
Client: Art of Crime ApS.
Film Titles
Full Storyboard & Graphic design on ”Europa”
Media. Screen dumps from the movie
Client: Nordisk Film A/S & co. Producers.
Film Posters
Graphic design
Mixed media: Adobe Photoshop and Airbrush
Client: Nordisk Film A/S & co. Producers.
Lego City
Art Direction & Graphics on Commercials
Media: CGI ( Screendumps from commercial )
Client: Will Film ApS & Lego Endfield USA.
Animated Title
Logo Title ”Help I´m a Fish”
Media: Ink ( Screen dumps from the movie )
Client: A Film ApS & co. Producers.
Posters & post Cards
Mixed media: Airbrush & Adobe Illustrator
Client: SAS ( School project ).
Party Time
Media: Adobe Photoshop
Client: Nordisk Film A/S & Nordisk Film Commercial.
Laika Cover
Double Album
Media: Airbrush, Ink & brush
Client: Next Stop Soviet.
Logo Types
Logo´s For Different Compagnies
Mixed media: Adobe Illustrator & Ink
Client: Scandinavian Film compagnies & Film labs.
Euro Symphony
Brochure EU “A united Europe”
Mixed media: Airbrush & Adobe Illustrator
Client: Nordisk Film A/S.
Odins Hall
Backgrounds for the movie “Valhalla”
Mixed media: Airbrush & Winsor & Newton aquarel
Client: Swan Film AS.
Corporate Identity
Logo for Christmas lunch & Identity
Media: Adobe Illustrator
Client: A Film ApS.
Coffee Pack
Package Design & Campaign for Cirkel Kaffe
Media: Adobe Illustrator & Copic marker
Client: COOP Denmark ( Pitch ).
Mobile Mysteries
Casual Computergame for Smartphone
Media: Adobe Illustrator & flash
Client: Art of Crime ApS.
Book Illustrations
Childrens Book “Little Zip” Lay-out
Mixed media: pen, Copic marker & Color pencil
Client: Publicher have not been decided.
Info. Graphics
Presentation Water & Inviroment
Mixed media: Adobe Illustrator
Client: Dansk Hydrautisk Institut.
Danske Bank
Pondus Club. Event Illustrations
Media: Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
Client: Danske Bank A/S.
Olsen Banden
Title for “Olsen Banden”( AD-Anders Walter )
Media: Adobe Illustrator
Client: Nordisk Film A/S & A Film ApS.
Bee & Bob Cover
Cartoon cover
Media: Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
Client: Pith for publisher.
Bee & Bob Cartoon
Short story cartoons for magazine
Media: Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
Client: Ecco Sko A/S.
Game Design
Game graphics & GUI stuff / Virtical slice
Media: Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
2D isometric enviroment, created for casual games.
Ecco Kids
Dragonaut homepage illu. & Zip / Zap ads
Media: Ink on paper & colouring in Photoshop
Client: Ecco Sko A/S.
Cigaret Brand
Cigaret Package
Media: Adobe Illustrator & Gradient Mesh
Client: Phillip Morris INC.
Fashion Event
Fashion Show & Identity
Media: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
Client: Danmarks Designskole / School project
Story Boards
Media: Copic marker
Client: Faxe kondi. Suzuki. Kelloggs. Totalkredit. Miele.
Character Design
Casual game: Hidden Object + Collectors cards
Media: Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
Client: The whole concept is now being developt.
Campaign lay-out´s finalized as photo shoots
Media: Copic marker
Client: Sydbank, Ecco & Stressless / Ekornes.
Bee brilliant Worldmap
Digital game - Test
Media: Vektor version, redesign of the world.
Client: Tactile Intertainment.
Client List
Agency / Production company & client names
Some of my most important clients from the last
25 years - listed in random order.
  • Wil film Aps: Lego
  • Yellow Advertising A/S: Carlsberg
  • Faxe
  • ArtofCrime Aps: Crimeville. Huxville
  • Gobsmack Production: Suzuki
  • No Such.Name: Miele. Nokia
  • A. film: Rockwool. Arla &
  • Coca Cola
  • Blue Pen Aps: Ecco. Sydbank
  • Northern Bank: Pondus
  • Banske Bank Group Design: Pondus
  • 2films GmbH: Ariel
  • Black Pencil: Dansk retursystem
  • Leo Burnett: Phillip Morris
  • Homerun Production: Disney
  • Grey Copenhagen: BR. Toys"R"Us
  • Freindly Film A/S: Kellogg´s
  • Nordisk Film A/S: Europa
  • Minerva Film A/S: Totalkredit
  • Nimbus Film: Ikea
  • Wibroe, Duckert & Partners: Vestas
  • Bacon Copenhagen: Fanta
  • Pool of Love: Sony Ericsson
  • AOF Danmark
  • LOWE: Mils. Electrolux. FELIX
  • Halbye Kaag JWT: Sun Silk. Knorr
  • Yellow Pencil: Fields
  • Para Film: Dansk Tipstjeneste
  • Yellow Bird Production: Vallander
  • Locomotion A/S: Rema 1000
  • Propaganda McCann: Orange
Note of importance: All the graphics and artwork on this website has been digitally remastered in order to present the best possible quality - Furthermore it has been necesary to reconstruct a few of the graphics and illustrations from old sketches / originals - in order to make it work on this website. In addition to the previous note I would like to emphasize, that some of the graphics are early presentations and might appear different in the finished campaign, due to the fact that clients have altered details or concept along the way.

Note on the future: The last four years I have mainly focused on game design & graphics for different computergame companies, but I also have a few ideas of my own for creating more cross media - cartoon work / graphic - novels / E books and casual 2D / 3D games for portable digital platforms.

Visualising ideas and make them appealing is perhaps the greates art of all:
Finn Skovgaard GangArt 2015